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  write environmental articles When you own your geo-environmental consultancy business, you know you have to create content. But who has time to sit down and write environmental articles, editorials, and social media content for their company? Many businesses and individuals cannot afford to hire a full-time content writer, but they recognize the importance of having great content to share with their followers and customers.   Would you like a stunning article regarding a topic that is currently in your mind? Pay us to write a 750 – 1500-word article for your website. We can also post an article promoting your environmental services on our website.   To get started, it is that simple!   Our work is to write interesting, informative articles about the environment and sustainability supported by facts and accurate data. Your readers on the other end will remain informed and up to date.  

What topics are included in our environmental articles?

Well, there are many environmental topics out there, just to pick a few, articles cover the following topics but not limited to:
    • Energy
    • Sustainability
    • Climate change
    • Environmental issues
    • Contaminated land and pollution
    • Water resources
    • Geology
    • Natural hazards

Where will you post your article?

Usually, our clients request for articles to post on their websites. However, if you would like us to post your article on our website, you just have to let us know even if it is promoting your website.  

How many words is one environmental article?

We make sure that our articles are more than 750 words and up to 1500 words maximum.  Exceptions may be made for some articles.  

How much will you pay us for our articles?

An article of 750 words will cost you just $70, while that of 1500 words will cost you $ 170 (US dollars). If it is your first time ordering with us, you will just pay us $ 45 for your first order regardless of the number of words in your environmental article.  

How will you pay us?

We currently accept PayPal and MPESA payments. Well, if you are a fun other money transfer method such as Payoneer, XendPay, and WorldRemit, you are also welcome.  

How long will it take us to deliver your article?

Due to many orders from our end, we ensure you receive your blog within 3-5 days upon receiving your order. We always ensure you are up to date on the progress of your request by issuing you with a Job Card (JC).  

Why should you make us your authentic writer?

Apart from being efficient, accurate, and up to date with current environmental issues, we are diverse writers of environmental articles and can deliver on any topic. A few things make us unique from other authors or publishers of environment and sustainability topics.
    • We do not mind promoting your business or brands
    • You will enjoy informative and compelling pieces
    • We research, collate and synthesise knowledge-based content aligned with the environmental and sustainability niche.
    • We focus on improving public understanding of the topic at hand by breaking down complexity and writing in clear prose free of acronyms.
    • Always responsive and on time
    • Each article we generate is unique and is not copied/republished article from another website.
    • Our articles are easy to read (with appropriate headings and sub-headings).
    • Get SEO-optimized articles based on your keyword.
Having any doubts? Visit our blog to see some of our articles.  

What do to get started?

We avoid a lot of processes in taking orders. Send an email to info@jftacademy.com. We shall get back to you in less than 30 minutes about your request.  

Whom We Write For

We write articles for individuals, small companies and leading environmental blogs. Below are some of our top clients

GetGreenNow; Science and Technology Blog; Envirocivil.com; Earth.Org