Our Services

JFT offers remote geo-environmental services to support individuals, public and private companies as well as non-governmental organizations with research, site assessments, and  training in related consultancy services

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Data Analysis

We carry out a detailed analysis of geo-environmental datasets based on our varied scopes. These analyses include statistical analysis, GIS and geochemical modelling, and spatial maps display using various software and tools for data analysis and visualization.
remote geology jobs

GIS Maps

We prepare all kinds of GIS maps for a technical report, research, or generally present spatial data. This service also includes georeferencing and remote sensing data.
remote geology jobs

Technical Reports

We prepare geo-environmental consultancy reports for clients. If you have limited time to complete your technical report, you can use our services.
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Articles & Blogs

We write creative, informative, and exciting articles about environmental issues.
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Training and Capacity Building

We offer capacity development training for environmental sustainability to achieve policy impact sustainability. Tools and methods of environmental site assessment are designed to suit