Data Analysis and Visualization

We unravel insights in your data with powerful data analytical tools. We cover the analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data. Our services include the conversion of datasets into readable formats. Data validation and verification is carried out before any analytical procedure is carried out.


Why analyse your data with us?

1. Statistical data analysis

Need help analysing an excel spreadsheet and help with ideas to make it clear and straightforward? Our services include simple to complex statistical analyses with a small turnaround, including:

  • T-Test
  • Chi-Square
  • Kruskal Wallis Test
  • Mann Whitney U Test
  • Correlations
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  • Regression
  • Principal component analysis
  • Hierarchical cluster analysis
  • Exploratory Factor Analysis
  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis
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2. Spatial data analysis

GIS tools help discover and solve spatial problems by revealing patterns in your data. Spatial analysis is the process of modelling problems geographically, deriving results through computer processing, and then exploring and examining those results. Spatial data visualization is extremely effective for assessing the geographic suitability of specific locations for specific purposes, estimating and forecasting outcomes, interpreting and understanding change, detecting important patterns hidden in your data, and much more. 

3. Data Visualization

Visualization with charts, graphs, and tables allows you to extend your data exploration by providing a new way to interpret analysis results and communicate findings. Using time plots on line charts, investigate the temporal trends in the data. Our information design tools are used to arrange various data visualizations in order to interpret analysis results. We combine a series of your strongest, clearest elements, such as maps, charts, and text, in a layout that allows you to present and share your findings.

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