Developing geoscience knowledge among university graduates requires collaboration between industry and academic institutions. In addition, graduate students require access to research funding, data collection and analysis tools, internship opportunities and graduate development programmes.

Besides being an exciting continent with remarkable geologic and tectonic features, Africa is susceptible to natural hazards and has few geoscience professionals.  Thus, young geoscientists need capacity building to bring new insights through observations and innovatively use existing local and global datasets.

There is also a need to promote geoscience knowledge in primary and secondary schools to develop an interest in the career. In addition, to achieve sustainable development, members of the public need to understand the natural environment and associated natural hazards. Thus, promoting conservation and reducing human and climate-induced risks.

 Our training and capacity building programs include graduate programs and public awareness activities.

JFT Academy offers capacity building geoscience courses to promote the influence of geoscience in development agendas. Employers in geoscience are looking for excellent scientists with strong technical and research skills, as well as laboratory and field experience and a solid understanding of their field of geosciences. To be successful in their careers, graduates must have a deep understanding of the fundamentals of the techniques and methods. These fundamentals are widely covered in undergraduate and graduate courses. However, the application of the acquired knowledge is mainly limited to an industrial engagement.

We recognize that the role of geoscience in sustainable development requires competent and skilled professionals able to advance solutions to global challenges.

All our paid geoscience courses range between $50 – $300 subject to membership discounts.  We shall also be launching free courses soon.

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