Consultancy Services

Geo-environmental consultancies requires detailed technical reports upon the completion of field investigation activities.  Data acquisition by the geoscientist in the field must be processed, analyzed and interpreted in a report.  A geo-environmental consultancy company can achieve maximum outputs and meet strict deadlines by involving a remote professional for the preliminary site investigation through desk studies., site screening and technical report writing.  

Our remote geoscience experts include geologist, geotechnical engineers, hydrogeologists, and environmental consultants for short-term and long-term engagement with consultancy companies.

technical reports

Geoscientists carry out various types of field studies to collect reliable data required for decision-making in site development. Each site investigation utilizes different methods to collect relevant information unique to each project. Our team is highly professional and has vast experience in geo-environmental services. We regard each project as confidential unless stated otherwise by the client. With this regard, we have a non-disclosure agreement for all our freelance services. Our technical reports include but are not limited to:

 We are very professional, timely and affordable. In all the above technical reports, we shall include the following items where necessary;

  • Maps – Digitizing, topographic, geological, stratigraphic and structural maps
  • Desktop Studies– Mapping, geotechnical, hydrogeology, mining feasibility and environmental assessment reports
  • Data Analysis and Visualization– (Geostatistical, Geochemical, and Geophysics)
  • Conceptual modelling – Initial and final site conceptual models for site assessment reports

We help you complete your technical consultancy reports

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