graduate cover letter

What exactly is a graduate cover letter? It’s a document that goes with your graduate CV and is frequently used as a means of contact. They might be informal and friendly accounts of personal experiences, or they can be official documents that convey factual information to people you have never met. This is your chance to inform them about your skills and why you want to work for that specific organization. Letters, unlike emails, are physical, and layout is just as vital as content.

Graduate cover letters follow common formats and designs as preferred by their writer.

Although three types of cover letters are described on the internet; application letters, networking cover letters and interest letters, here we shall dwell more on the actual letters that graduates and early career researchers must write to move from point A to Point B.

These letters include but are not limited to the following:

  • University admission cover letter – This is a simple application letter that one writes to justify university admission to further studies. Applicants write it to join masters, doctoral or post-doctoral studies.

  • Request for Fund letter – Let us call it a scholarship application letter. How do you write a successful cover letter to obtain funding or to be selected for a scholarship? This also covers the motivation letters related to access to research grants and

  • Journal Publication Letter – This is a rarely written letter by recent graduates. It is the letter one writes to journal editors or editor-In-chief to submit a manuscript for publication. If you have never written one before and journal editors reject your paper several times, then it is not too late to learn.

Through the JFT graduate mentorship programme, we shall guide you to develop any of these graduate cover letters and become part of your career journey.

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