Soils Investigation Report

Soils report determine the bearing capacity of the soil, its settlement rate and the position of the water table. It involves excavation of trial pits, visual inspections of the soil profiles, sampling with minimum disturbance and subsequent laboratory testing of the soil samples.

Types of Soil Testing

Soil testing is an essential aspect of the construction of buildings and roads. In reality, no construction project may begin unless the soil has been determined to be capable of supporting the load. Therefore, soil testing aims to determine the soil’s suitability for the intended type of construction. After a well-planned site investigation and soil sampling, the following laboratory tests are carried out, and results are compiled in a soils report.

  • Moisture Content
  • Specific Gravity
  • Dry Density
  • Atterberg Limit
  • Proctor Compaction Test

What to Expect in a Typical Soils Report?

For each project where a soil or site investigation is performed, a soil investigation report is generated to present all of the information gathered and analyzed for the conditions encountered at the project site. Our soil’s report will include;

  • A detailed description of the site from the information collected from the desk study and site visit, subsurface exploration
  • Description of the field tests
  • Results of the laboratory tests
  • Soil identification and classification
  • Boring log and subsequent interpretation
  • Determination of the shallow water table in the vicinity of the project site

The soils report will also include a general description of the proposed project, geotechnical recommendations, a list of any potential problems or challenges, and a discussion of all constraints of the field investigation, testing, and analyses, as well as the recommendations made.

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