hydrogeological survey

Hydrogeological Survey Reports

What is a hydrogeological survey?

Hydrogeological survey involves the investigation of the subsurface hydrologic and geologic parameters in a specific area. It entails a thorough examination of the water-bearing levels of rocks as well as their filtration capacity. Furthermore, the inherent ability of these rocks to store or resist water is evaluated. The pressure, type, and quality of underground water are all recorded, as is the intensity of water flow through pores or fractures.

Prior to drilling a borehole, hydrogeological surveying is performed to determine the quality and quantity of water available at a specific location.  The results of the surveying are documented in hydrogeological survey reports. Underground water has long been recognized as a superior source of drinking water to surface water. This is because of the following factors:

What we offer

We write detailed hydrogeological survey reports following a site assessment for the purpose of environmental monitoring, borehole siting or as part of ongoing site investigations. Hydrogeological surveys determine the depth of the water table in the sub-surface. Our hydrogeological survey reports include analysis of resistivity measurements from the investigated site methods to reveal:

      •  The thickness of subsurface layers
      • The ability of these layers to function as aquifers
      • The expected groundwater quality at the site

We also conduct a background review of previous site investigation reports and available published background hydrogeological reports, well records and geological mapping; review of geological and hydrogeological conditions present at the boreholes on the site. This includes a review of the following:

      • Results of groundwater level monitoring and interpreted groundwater flow directions and gradients;
      • Hydraulic conductivity testing results; and,
      • Groundwater quality results


We are available to write your hydrogeological survey reports 24/7.

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